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Custom Fit Hearing Protection and More for Motorcyclists


Challenger C...............$159.95, plus $12.00 S&H.

The Challenger™ C was designed as a monitor for the person who wants a stereo or binaural sound mix piped directly into his or her ear canals. Not for the faint-hearted, the Challenger I Monitor Earphone features dynamic subminiature transducers contained within JB 1000 earmolds. JB 1000 is a medical-grade silicone material that is Super Soft and provides a complete seal of the ear canals from outside noise. Attenuation: 26dB

Monitor Earphone The custom fit and sturdy construction provide prolonged use during even the most demanding work or leisure activities. The Challenger C is now used for monitoring on-stage as well as listening enjoyment during all forms of athletic activity.

The full helix earmold design of the Challenger C provides a waterproof seal of the ear canals that allows affordable, customized high quality audio to go wherever you go. It can be worn for personal stereo monitoring while jogging and motorcycling or stationary activities like multimedia monitoring or virtual reality. The Challenger C includes a 50 inch shielded cable with molded stress relief at the connections and a gold plated stereo plug.

Challenger C now available with a short (18") cord for use with helmet mounted Communication Systems

When accurate stereo monitoring is what you need, the Challenger C helps eliminate external noise and enhances your listening enjoyment! Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz; Impedance: 19 ohms; Sensitivity: 98dB.

Choice of Colors - Challenger C are available in beige, clear, black and eight fluorescent colors: green, fuchsia, pink, blue, orange, purple, yellow and red.

Users Tips: Your hygiene is important to successfully using your Challengers. Ear wax can clog the tubes that deliver the sound through the earplug. Please clean your earplugs and your ears regularly. Do not use the wire to remove the earplug from your ear. Please see the information on the ordering page for insertion and removal.

Price: Challenger C .............. $159.95, plus $12.00 S&H.

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